Porta Billing

PortaBilling is a business and operation support system (B/OSS) designed for telecommunication service providers to manage end-to-end telecom service networks.

Telecommunication service providers, network operators, ISPs, MVNOs, and wholesale carriers rely on PortaBilling to launch, price, provision, and constantly manage various prepaid, postpaid, retail and wholesale telecommunication services, including calling cards, Vonage- and Skypelike services, CLEC type services, MVNO/MVNE, ISP, WiMAX & WiFi and much more.

PortaBilling is a converged system; it can be used as a single administration interface to manage and bill for multiple services, including those provided by third-party network elements (for instance, LTE SAEGW or WiMAX ASN-GW), while charges for the different services will be grouped on a single bill.

Porta One

PortaBilling includes:

  • Customer management
  • Service provisioning
  • Carrier grade converged billing platform with online charging system, rating and invoicing

As B/OSS, PortaBilling communicates with elements of the telecommunication network, provides its nodes with authentication or authorization, and gathers billing events, i.e. data about services rendered to the customers. Based on this information, PortaBilling performs rating for the services, creates transaction records, and modifies customer balances accordingly.

All this happens in real time, so the billing data is updated as soon as a session is completed. PortaBilling acts as the nerve center of the network and acts a unified platform for multiple services allowing to charge clients for their voice calls, messages, data transfer, and other services like IPTV subscriptions or video-on-demand (VoD) thus effectively deploying triple-play on a single network.

Porta Billing