Number Portability (NP) system was developed as solution for Local Number Portability regulatory requirements for Croatian telecommunication market and all countries in the region.

The idea was to build a system that will satisfy the requirement of the local Agency, but also to use it for storing and managing all native and ported numbering information in a single place and provide the highest level of automation for provisioning of such numbering blocks and porting request.

NP system consists of a database server (DB) used to store the routing information, web server for administrators user interface (UI) and provisioning web service (WS) for communication and routing information exchange with Central Authority Database (CADB) server.

The system also contains a high performance RADIUS server that is used to server routing queries for Class 4 transit softswitch platforms.

The system is used since year 2006. on Croatian market, undergoing a thorough development all the time, and has proven its compatibility, reliability and stability as well as performance in a couple major operator networks.

The whole system is designed to operate in real-time so no delays in routing of native nor ported numbering blocks are possible.