Network Monitoring & Management

Monitoring traffic at network layer is a great way to higher level of security, providing visibility and advanced analytics, while at the same time, combined with threat intelligence, it really gives us complete insight and fast response time.

Network Monitoring & Management

Thorough network traffic analytics and forensics enable complete network monitoring by providing clear visibility and anomaly detection, which in turn makes us prepared for a quick and timely response to different types of internal and external threats. In addition to the detection of outgoing and incoming network traffic, the detection and analysis of lateral movement further increases the security of the communication network.

The solutions we can offer are based on the products of the world's leading manufacturers in this segment, Trend Micro, D3 Security, Cisco and ExtraHop.

Such solutions inspects all network content, monitor all traffic across physical and virtual network segments, all network ports, and over 100 network protocols to identify targeted attacks, using extensive detection techniques.Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) devices enable network protection by scanning, detecting and, if necessary, disabling network traffic.

SOAR is also an important solution. Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response is an enterprise-grade security operations platform that helps organizations utilize their resources more efficiently and effectively to shut down threats before they cause serious damage. It contains:

  • automated Incident Response & Security Orchestration
  • improving alert triage quality and speed

reduction of time to respond, contain and remediate threats

Network Monitoring & Management