Mobile Device Management

Solution that will help you handle your organization’s mobile devices at all stages of their lifecycle, from the initial deployment to the final decommissioning, lessening security risks and reducing the support cost with no impact on customer experience.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are an indispensable part of our lives today, bringing with them many until recently unimaginable benefits. But like any fast-growing technology, they bring with them new threats, and are a very common target of malicious attacks.

We are offering an enterprise mobility solution developed by ProMDM, one that provides value to both IT departments and end users, since it preserves easy and simple user experience while lowering the support cost and ensuring that mobile devices seamlessly integrate in existing IT environment in secure and easily-manageable way.

Implementation of this solution:

  • enables new or improves existing business processes through increased mobile productivity
  • allows easy access to enterprise applications and data through automated over-the-air device management
  • mitigates security risks & reduces support costs while leveraging existing IT investments
  • provides great end-user experience with SSO (single sign-on) using PKI user certificates

has Bring your own device (BYOD) support with separation of private and business information and mitigates privacy legal risks


Mobile Device Management