Still the best way of protecting sensitive data, it is an essential part of business continuity, crucial for steady and safe operations of any business entity, at the same time being a great way of assuring that only selected parties can see your data.


If your data is not encrypted it might be in danger, exposed to view of someone who is not entitled to see it, being it willingly or unwillingly. Thus, encryption of your data is a basic tool needed for raising the security standards within your company or organisation.

It is of utmost importance that you carefully choose the way of data encrypting, assuring that ones who have to see it can get an easy access, while others can’t see or understand none of it. Encryption solutions we are offering are developed by market-leading companies Thales, Symantec and Trend Micro, covering:

  • Database encryption
  • Data in motion encryption
  • HSM (hardware security module)
  • Mail encryption
  • Endpoint encryption

For sensitive and regulated data residing in databases and applications, we can provide encryption and tokenization solutions to ensure the security of information throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can retain control of their data and meet compliance standards by ensuring only authorized individuals are able to decrypt and view sensitive information. Static encryption is not enough, so we can also offer the most secure data-in-motion protection, securing ethernet connection, data center interconnect / disaster recovery sites, branch office connectivity and cloud WANs.

Hardware Security Module is the foundation of global digital trust. It mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to the encryption keys, prevents outsider and insider threats, enhances regulatory compliancy, protects SSL certificates and supports other use cases where confidentiality, integrity, and availability are paramount.

Email encryption can be implemented in several ways. Desktop solution is applied locally at the endpoint. Email is encrypted even when communicating internally. In gateway solution encryption is done at the mail gateway and Email is encrypted on its way out of the organization. Of course, it isn’t the only encryption needed at the endpoint level. Work stations, laptops and removable media devices store a big amount of data and need to be protected and encrypted everywhere. We can offer a broad portfolio of solutions for that.