Advanced Threat Protection

Due to rapid development of new and advanced threats traditional approach becomes insufficient, thus we offer a combined solution with innovative data insight and modern threat intelligence, rapidly responding to new security challenges.

Advanced Threat Protection

Every day provides new security challenges, and we need constantly updated and reinvented security solutions that will provide detection, visibility, control and remediation over suspicious and malicious activities.

Fortunately, some of the leading security software providers addressed this issue and keep on developing up to date products like ones we have in our portfolio. Symantec, Trend Micro, Cisco and Fortinet are our partners for such solutions, most important of them being tools for sandboxing, web isolation and analytics.

Advanced file inspection through malware scanning, machine learning and sandboxing:

  • blocks all known malicious URLs and emails at the web or email gateway
  • scans content with antimalware engine for greater detection accuracy
  • analyses unknown files through machine learning and static code file analysis
  • detonates unknown files via on-box sandboxing, dedicated sandboxes or cloud-based sandboxing
  • integrates with many security tools including Web Gateway, Mail Gateway or Endpoint Protection to protect against web and mail threats, as well as analysis of suspicious files found on the endpoint

Web isolation protects users from uncategorized, suspicious and risky sites by isolating content from client’s device. It executes web sessions away from endpoints, sending only safely rendered information to user's browsers, thereby preventing malware from reaching your network and devices. Importantly, it prevents users from submitting corporate passwords and sensitive information to malicious websites.

Security-driven analytics and log management solution simplifies the complexity of analyzing and monitoring different attack surfaces. It provides end-to-end visibility and deep insight into advanced threats, offering real-time anomaly detection. Indicators of Compromise (IOC) services identifiy suspicious usage and artifacts. Analyzer solution offers automated incident response and remediation with other connected security devices.

Advanced Threat Protection