Taming the tiger: From startup to Enterprise – an exciting presentation by Dubravko Hlede from Rimac Automobili confirmed for DEEP

Adapting IT security for fast growing company while enabling user creativity is not without its challenges. Having to tackle threats like Identity theft, Ransomware, GDPR, Data theft, BEC, C-Level Fraud, Remote work was fun. Now Rimac created world fastest car and acquired Bugatti, target on our back just got a lot bigger.

Here you will see couple of ways to protect complex IT systems using available tools and services.

Dubravko Hlede is IT operations manager in Rimac automobili for almost 5 years. Before that he was team lead/IT manager/Director of IT in various industries, such as finance, automotive, wholesale and retail. His experience among others includes developing systems for R&D of Autonomous driving, advance simulation environments for thermal dynamics and crash testing. In 17 years of experience he acquired numerous certificates form Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and AWS.