Presentation by Dr. Jana Žiljak Gršić confirmed for DEEP: New methods of security printing in the infrared and visual spectrum

Jana Žiljak Gršić will present a new method of security printing of highly protected data. She is one of the authors of the Infrared design patent, which is a revolutionary technological solution for security data printing processes. The innovation refers to the application of the infrared effect in printing technology with the aim of preventing counterfeiting. The solution enables secure printing of data in two spectral regions; visual and infrared. It determines the generation of colour with completely different behaviour in areas affected by IR light. IR label detection is only possible with instruments that "see" at wavelengths above 700 nm and that can convert IR graphics into an object/image visible to the human eye. By using specific features that come from programming capabilities for digital and conventional printing, the algorithms are derived by including two or more colours that are the same colour (in daylight) but with completely different behaviour in IR light. The same image is separated by a dual algorithm, depending on the target visibility or invisibility in IR light. The modification of certain graphics protections is programmed, first for one and then another combination. The contribution is in the field of security for all data that are printed such as code, images on documents and securities, product traceability labels, as well as for archived files. She participated in numerous scientific researches in the field of graphic security, is the winner of the State Award for Science for 2010 for exceptional contribution to the development of science, and is an associate member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering. She is a permanent forensic expert for graphic technology, design, manuscripts, documents, securities, money, paintings, credit, and other cards. She is employed at TVZ and the University North. She teaches the study of Information Security and Digital Forensics at TVZ.