DEEP announces a Workshop: Capture the Flag - held by Filip Rapaić

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a competition where the entrants are solving different tasks from the fields of information technology and information security. The tasks are usually interesting and educative, requiring from the entrants to find certain parts of the text, called the flag. It might be hidden on a server, at a page or wherever an information could be hidden. CTF is open for all, there are no pre-requirements for entering it, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to participate, even in anonymous mode. It is also worth to participate knowing that the best entrant can earn some valuable prizes.


Filip Rapaić is an information security consultant in Diverto d.o.o. He is a member of the Security Operation Center (SOC), an entity responsible for monitoring, processing and handling the security incidents in various business environments. His fields of expertise are the incident responding and malicious code analysis. At Diverto he is also a specialist for Capture the Flag (CTF).


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