Cloud infrastructure pain points (from a sec perspective), visibility and compliance by Matija Mandarić – another interesting presentation confirmed for DEEP

Most common pain points of CISO, SecOps and security staff in general, when someone (DevOps? SysOps?) in the organisation is using cloud services or a hybrid infrastructure. The easy with which new services, functions, containers or VMs are spun up and used in some capacity or at least intersecting with infrastructure of the organisation is making even visibility very hard, not to mention securing those services. One way to automate these tasks and provide security teams with visibility and compliance will be mentioned in a short talk by Matija from TrendMicro.

From a security engineer to presales and consulting, enterprise security architecture and education. Matija has been in security for 10y know, in various roles and various organisations with various responsibilities, from a user through an integrator to a vendor. He likes to joke that it made him jack of all trades but master of none. But hey, as an SF author once wrote, specialisation is for insects?