Book our new event! DEEP, to be held this November, is a new information security conference organized by Avola Solutions

Avola Solutions would like to ask you to participate and support our new event, an information security conference, called DEEP. It will be held at Falkensteiner Punta Skala, hotel Iadera, Petrčane, Croatia, 3. - 4.11.2020. - all the details you can find at its website

Our aim is to address information security at all levels at the same time and the same place. We value the importance of knowledge and experience sharing. Thus, we decided to gather broad audience, people from all the main sectors related to information security field at one place, and let them learn, meet and share their experiences from three main areas or, in DEEP terminology, tracks.

We expect our attendees to mainly consist of:

  • Those who manage corporate and information security
  • Folks from the IT and IT security
  • Penetration testers
  • SOC members from all levels

You are also welcome to check our Facebook and Linkedin sites for regular updates and news about DEEP:

Please note that main communication through these two channels is in Croatian language, as we expect the audience at first DEEP to consist mainly of attendees from our country.