An important notice: DEEP and COVID-19 protection measures

There’s a little bit more than two months until the first DEEP should begin. We are receiving more and more questions about the conference status, regarding travelling and gathering restrictions caused by COVID-19 pandemic.


Unfortunately, no one can predict what the situation will be in early November. Thus, we keep on preparing the DEEP in its full extent - but at the same time we are aware that there’s a possibility that we won’t be able to keep it at the scheduled dates. Being ready for such a scenario, we will timely inform you about the possible reschedule. At the same time, all the participants should be assured that in such a case:

  • there would be new dates announced, as soon as health situation improves
  • all paid participation fees and hotel reservations would remain valid for the rescheduled event
  • all announced workshops and presentations would happen, albeit with possibility that some participants will participate via a video link

We appreciate your time and are trying to share all the information with you immediately, so that you can organize it. Please follow us at or our Facebook and Linkedin pages. We’ll try to answer all your questions and are really happy to provide you nice and fulfilled, really DEEP experience, at whatever dates possible.